You Only Have One Shot At A First Impression


Modern buyers today are more knowledgeable compared to the past. They have access, to amounts of information about properties, including the purchase history of your property. This allows them to subconsciously evaluate the qualities of your home in comparison to properties on the market or recently sold. Consequently it is quite uncommon for buyers to pay more, than the market value.

The first impression matters greatly which is why we take into account every detail, including avoiding overpricing your home. That’s why we personally visit your property and carefully observe its features, upgrades and renovations that you have made. Then we collaborate with you to assess your property by comparing it with sold homes in order to determine a price that maximizes your profit while ensuring a timely sale according to your preferences.


Spend More Time in Prepping Before Listing to Minimize Your Time on The Market

At Lam we take care of all aspects, including pricing, staging and photography to make sure your home makes a lasting impact, on buyers. We also offer insights into understanding how market conditions can affect your role, as a seller and the entire process of selling your home.


Pricing Your Property

Once you have determined a selling price aim to sell your home at its value in a shorter period of time by attracting more qualified buyers.


Market Your Home

We provide a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to sell your home. Higher Exposure = Higher Profit! We don’t just throw a sign in the yard, simply listing a home on MLS and waiting for the phone to ring doesn’t cut it.


Get It Sold

After all, Lam is here to help you sell faster and for more money. We have been in the business for over a decade – we know what works! You can feel confident we will get your home sold at a great price.

How Do We Sell Your Property Efficiently in 6 Steps?

1. Have an Accurate Market Evaluation

No matter how much you want to sell for, we will let you know what is the current market evaluation by running comparative market analysis & identifying market trends.

2. Use The Right Pricing Strategy

Strategically price your home to position a winning outcome. Depending on the overall market trend and area’s competition, we will suggest the right pricing strategy.

3. Repair Recommendation

Advise on highest return of investment based on your home’s conditions, to renovate or just simple touch ups. We will connect you to our proven high value trades partner that we trust. Make sure your property looks at its best before we put it on the market.

4. Prepare The Property

Complementary staging & cleaning services that we will manage alongside to ensure your home looks spectacular. Follow by professional photos & video content, printing of marketing collateral.

5. Make Your Home Famous

Market the heck out of your home, maximizing exposures to attract all potential buyers. From creating premium eye-catching contents, highlighting your property and exposing it on multiple digital and offline platforms.

6. Golden Time

The first two weeks on the market it’s when your negotiation power and the attractiveness is at its highest, do the right marketing and push for an offer within these two weeks. Getting you the highest dollars possible!

The Lam Experience

Our tech-driven platform boosts exposure and amplifies sellers’ reach, allowing them to target their ideal market and connect with buyers previously out of reach. We invest generously in marketing for all listings, knowing it makes a significant difference. We use direct marketing, social media, international marketing, email marketing, and premium print marketing to reach hundreds of thousands of people each week.

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